Download Monster Hunter Stories 3DS CIA (Region Free)

Download Monster Hunter Stories 3DS CIA (Region Free) and play on your 3ds nintendo cfw. Capcom is famous for making RPG-based games and also beautiful adventure and has a high value. With the presence of the latest capcom game series Monster hunter stories are present for the nintendo 3ds.

By presenting a series of Monster huntergames that first provide an extra impression that has never existed in the series of other monster hunter series. You can work with your monster and become a partner or an adventure partner and defeat the existing monster.

For the visual can be spelled out more clearly and also accompanied by BGM (Soundtrack) and also CGI Video that will be aired on the main story of the game. Please play and explore the world of your hunter monsters.


Name Monster Hunter Stories
Release Date October 8, 2016
Genre RPG
Publisher Capcom
Developer Capcom, Marvelous
Rating 8.7 (Good)
Platform Nintendo 3DS
Region JPN (Region Free)


Download Monster Hunter Stories 3DS CIA (Region Free) Download Monster Hunter Stories 3DS CIA (Region Free)


Download Monster Hunter Stories 3DS CIA (Region Free)

Link Download : Google drive
Size Download : 1.7GB
Region : JPN (Region Free)

Part 1

Part 2

[NEW] Update + DLC + Full English Patch Monster Hunter Stories

Download Monster Hunter Stories English Pacth

Update 1.1.0
All DLC (Downloadable Content)
Translated (English Patch):

  • All User Interfacesw
  • All Tutorials (Rider Notes)
  • All Monster Guide entries
  • All Rider Card Titles
  • All Item Names and many descriptions
  • All Weapon & Armor names
  • All Skills and their description
  • All of the Synopsis
  • All Side Quests Objectives and 75% of the descriptions
  • All Battle Messages
  • All DLC (with code patch)
  • 98% Story Dialogs & Cutscenes (only 3 scenes missing)
  • 50% Side Quest Dialogs
  • 15% Other NPC Dialogs

Download Monster Hunter Stories Update + English Patch

[Google Drive] Update 1.1.0 + DLC + Last English | 14MB

[MegaUpdate 1.1.0 + DLC + Last English | 14MB

How to Install Update & DLC & English Pacth:

  1. Extract file
  2. Install file Update 1.1.0.cia
  3. Install DLC.cia
  4. Play monster hunter stories

Thanks for Project Translation Credit


  • .CIA can only be played on Nintendo 3DS CFW.
  • .3DS ROMs to be played in Nintndo use the 3DS Flashcard (Sky3ds / Gateway).
  • Decrypted 3DS ROMs can only be played for the Emulator images (still being developed).
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    • disana kan ada penjelasan sebagai berikut
      How to Install Update & DLC & English Pacth:

      Extract file
      Install file Update 1.1.0.cia (taro di mana y om folder updatenya??)
      Install DLC.cia (ini juga taro dimana?)
      Play monster hunter stories

      apa nga perlu ngepatch kaya game model psp gtu? dimana game bahasa jepang mst di patch dulu and jadi file game baru , baru bisa main?? tks


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